Paul Zaidman and Anna Selleck (Viktor & Clara)

Anna Selleck

Anna Selleck was born in a small town named Warrnambool which is located on the surf coats of Victoria, and later moved to Melbourne to begin her schooling and dance life.

She began her love affair with dance when she was only 5 years old and studied for 10 years and was certain she wanted to be a ballerina.  She also trained in the Theatrical side of dance such as Jazz, Tap and Folk dance which included dances from Italy Spain and Russia. Anna participated in many competitions and theatrical performances and always took extra classes when the top dancers of the world came to Melbourne.

Her interests and curiosity began to shift towards other fields of dance such as Ballroom, Latin and street Latin, attaining high standards in all her examinations and winning a few Dance sport competitions accompanied by her partner Paul Zaidman.

Anna has so far travelled the world on a six star cruise line, visiting and dancing in such places as London, Shanghai, Rio De Jenairo and Cabo San Lucas to name a few. She has danced and performed on land and at sea. In fact Anna has performed on a moving dance floor in seas as high as 20 foot sometimes and has enjoyed the challenge. When asked how she does this and not get scared she says, “If anything goes wrong it’s the mans fault right?”

Anna Selleck hopes to one day inspire children to learn to dance and would like to give them the guidance, love, support and inspiration which she was once given by her teachers and coaches.


Paul Zaidman

Paul Zaidman was born in the USSR in 1970 and was taken to Israel as a 1 year old then moved to Australia in 1980.

Paul began his dancing career as a 5 year old and excelled in every discipline of dance and Theatre he put his mind to.

When Patrick Swayze filmed the movie Dirty Dancing, Paul Zaidman found his calling. Paul, then 18 years old, turned to Ballroom, Latin American and the street Latin arts where quickly rose to the highest ranks of the Australian dance sport world, travelled the globe competing in different nations.

Paul has appeared in television productions such as Strictly Dancing on the ABC, and the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars where he partnered Kimberley Davis.

Paul says the highlight of his career was teaching  Danii Kylie Minogue to dance Salsa.

Paul’s greatest achievement was undoubtedly making it to the finals at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Sport Festival in May of 2014.  Paul managed to place Australia into 4th position in the world beating out 88 different countries that competed that year.

“ I love the feeling I get when my body is about to hit that great big wall.  I know it’s there and as I hit, my smile gets bigger and bigger because I know that everyone else is there too.  I know I’m about to push through the crowd to get in front and as I do I grin even more through the pain.”

Paul also holds a first-degree (1st Dan) black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a martial art he’s been practicing since the age of fourteen.  

“All I wanted to do was dance with the girls, and all the boys wanted to do was punish and humiliate me, so I had to protect myself somehow.  So I took up Tae Kwon Do and years later after the boys had left me alone, I fell in love with the beautiful but powerful art form.”

These days Paul is sought after all over the world for his knowledge of dance and his beautiful, practical but mostly philosophical approach to teaching and coaching dance.

He has a way of explaining and delivering the knowledge which leaves people touched, moved, and inspired.



Paul Zaidman and Anna Selleck now travel the globe as dance partners, business partners and life partners. They love the freedom that they have created through helping people break out of the confines of their own minds. There is honesty, and a childlike wonderment that shines through when they dance together either socially or on stage.

Whether your listening to their ways of teaching the philosophy of dance, or watching them perform, you cannot help the feeling of being cared for, and looked after by Paul and Anna.