Yuliya Mik (Sheyne Goldstein)

Yuliya Mik has been singing since before she could walk. Born in the Ukraine and belonging to a long line of classical and folk musicians, Yuliya grew up with music all around her. With an old-world sensibility and a passion for music of days gone by, Yuliya’s passion lies in bringing to life songs from times before her own.

Yuliya has spent her recent years singing fado, a traditional musical style from Portugal. Yuliya leads the Melbourne-based group Alma Mater, playing fado as well as music from Brazil and Cape Verde.

Alma Mater has played in Melbourne’s cosiest hideaways and top music venues including the Paris Cat Jazz Club, The Butterfly Club, the Wesley Anne and others, has attracted radio features around the country, and has played at music festivals around Australia including the Cygnet Folk Festival (Tasmania), the Illawarra Folk Festival (NSW), the Shir Madness Jewish Music Festival (Melbourne), the Melt: Chocolate festival (Melbourne) and the Darebin Music Feast (Melbourne). Alma Mater proudly launched its debut album, ‘Fado ao largo’ (meaning ‘fado from offshore’), to a sold-out crowd at the Melbourne Recital Centre Salon in May 2015, and is planning a follow-up release in 2017.

Yuliya continues to explore fado, as well as other styles of traditional music from around the world, including music sung in Portuguese, English and Russian.