Jonathan Keren-Black (Lighting Director)

Jonathan was ordained as a Rabbi in London in 1988, and has worked at the Leo Baeck Centre for Progressive Judaism in East Kew since coming to Melbourne in 2003, but has been doing lighting for much longer – since school when he was usually to be found perched at the top of very tall ladders or in the lighting gallery.  When he won the Jewish Studies award at the Jewish Free School, he selected the book ‘Stage Lighting’ by Richard Pilbrow as his prize. As far as he knows, he is the only Rabbi to have immigrated to Australia complete with stage lighting kit!

Jonathan has lit plays, Purim Shpiels and comedy shows, and last year’s Yiddish Cabaret – though a lot of hard work, he feels it makes for a more professional and memorable event. For this performance, the challenge is different – to try to help recreate the tense and impoverished atmosphere of the Ghetto Cabaret.